It’s okay if you haven’t completed BioShock Infinite yet. Composer Garry Schyman hasn’t had a chance to either (at least when we recorded this), but we did get a chance to discuss Infinite’s score, Elizabeth’s theme, and what it was like to work with Irrational Games’ creative director and co-founder Ken Levine. Now if you have finished the game and want to be exposed to numerous spoilers, we did a spoilercast right over here. 

Like the previous games, BioShock Infinite’s setting and atmosphere is captivating in many ways. The period art, the re-recorded music of the era, the cryptic audio logs, the discarded hot dogs… Columbia may not be as gloomy and mysterious as the corridors of Rapture but it is definitely one of our favorite places to explore. The soundtrack is available if you get the Premium and Songbird limited edition of the game (highly recommended). 

Host and Guest

By Sophia Tong