[UPDATE] Bethesda confirms Australian rating a clerical mixup, no new version of the game coming

[UPDATE] After the publication of this story, a Bethesda representative confirmed that the rating was posted in error and that no new version of The Elder Scrolls: Arena is on the way.

“It should just say PC, not multiplatform,” the representative said. “We’ve notified them and they’re going to fix. There is no new version of the game coming. Just a clerical mixup.”

The original story follows below

The Elder Scrolls: Arena has been rated by the Australian Classification Board.

The game was submitted on April 9 (via games.on.net), where it was listed as multi-platform and given an M rating on account of its “moderate violence.”

Arena was the title of the first Elder Scrolls game, released back in 1994 for MS-DOS. The randomly-generated open-world RPG featured Skyrim and many of its cities as locations, including Dawnstar, Whiterun, and Falkreath.

The original PC version of The Elder Scrolls: Arena was released for free by Bethesda back in 2004.

Bethesda is currently working on MMO The Elder Scrolls Online for release in 2013. Twenty minutes of beta footage recently found its way online.

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By Martin Gaston, News Editor