The weekend has arrived, so you can now make up for all those times you couldn’t play games this week. Great! Although if that’s not the case for you, here’s something to at least make you feel like you’re gaming (except, not really).

Oh Twitter, what would we do without you? A tweeted photo gave away TMI on the new Borderlands 2 DLC. Marvel’s Phase 2 of movies kick off today with Iron Man 3 so do yourself a favor and get the latest on the next batch of upcoming superhero flicks. Also a new Mario HD game is expected to arrive sometime soon. Finally, our Friday giveaway this week has you choosing between two of the biggest games out right now . Watch today’s episode to find out which ones along with one sweet David Hayter cameo!

Here are the stories we covered:

Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina DLC Revealed

Title details, expected release, and the strange image that gave it all away.

New Marvel Phase 2 Movie Details

Want the latest on Captain America: The Winter Soldier? How about Guardians Of the Galaxy? Well, Marvel head Kevin Feige is offering up a few key hints about both and more!

Mario HD Coming This October?

Another day, another rumor and this time coming from some “retail chains at executive level”. When and what can we expect with this new lead? Details are in the linked html code.

IGN Daily Roundup

Need more to satisfy your video game informational needs? Here’s a quick list of things you might also find interesting.

Cheech and Chong’s Far Cry 3 Experience

Shadow of Darkness Teaser Trailer

Get Minigore 2 For Free!

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